What is Life’s Meaning?

When was the last time you thought about Life’s Meaning?

Have you ever asked yourself one or all of the following questions?
What is Life all About?
What is My Life going to mean when it is done?
What is Important in Life?
In other words, What is Life’s Meaning… for you?.

Very few people take the time to think about the purpose of life on a regular basis but those that do are able to achieve much more than you can even imagine.

Wikipedia says

embracing ikigai”, or ” the reason for being/reason for getting out of bed”…

Ikigai is the idea that life is filled with purpose is one worth living and there is always a reason to get up in the morning. The Fraternal Order of Moai (known as Ipu Ki) is the Polynesian tradition of forming a social network and creating safety nets through friendships so that people can feel they have something or in this case somebody to fall back upon if something were to go wrong.

What is your “reason for getting out of bed”?

The book by Dan Buettner The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living for Living Longer from People Who have Lived the Longest states that people who live longer, stronger lives have a stronger sense of ikigai.  When people retire, it’s a proven fact that the ones that do not have something to do that is important to them are the first ones who die.  Research shows that making the best of life and living it to the fullest isn’t about genetics at all, it’s what you make if it each and every day!

Are you making “A Great Life” every day?

Off the coast of Greece there is a small island called Icaria.  The residents who live there are known to be the longest living in perhaps the entire world.  Many of which do not know actually how old they are due to the fact that they don’t keep track of time, they don’t wear watches, in fact the clocks in their homes never say the correct time.  They get up when they want to, eat when they want to, are more sexually active through their later years in life, have more sense of community and spend more time being social….is that the key to a meaningful life?

Something to think about !



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