Vision Board for 2010 … and beyond

I attended Angela Lussier’s “Sweatpants & Dreams” Vision Board workshop on Saturday, Jan. 9th in Granby, MA. Below is a video showing pictures from the event and some of the results by attendees ….

It was a great experience that I highly recommend for everyone. There were a TON of different magazines there … many of which I would probably never purchase at a newstand… but they still had some good pictures or headlines that I could incorporate into my vision board.

The event ran from 10-12 and I’m sure that if lunch was provided instead of the breakfast (which was excellent, by the way), I suspect that people would have stayed until 2 or 4pm to complete their vision board.

For me, I got a ton of pictures but did not have time to create a board so I did that over the weekend at home. Below is a picture of my vision board…

In the picture, you can see my bulletin board on the right side where I have some of pictures I created for the header banner of this blog. (I figured I would leave them on the bulletin board instead of incorporating them into the vision board.)

Emotional Connection:
One of the ideas that I learned at Angela’s workshop was from the speaker in the video, Dana, who said that the pictures don’t have to be perfect representations of what you want in your vision but rather can just have an emotional connection to you. I found that that idea opened up the range of pictures that I could use and the overall result of my vision board is a much better, more descriptive picture of the vision I have for my life (at least from this vantage point).

What is your vision for 2010 … and beyond? Do you have something written down or a vision board somewhere you will see it every day?

I’m now looking forward to an incredible 2010 !

d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler

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