Train Your Brain

The Most Successful Motivational Keynote Presentation by d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler

The “Train Your Brain for Success” speech is one of the most requested topics that d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler presents.  It is typically given in either a keynote or workshop format.  At the bottom of this page is a listing of upcoming dates and locations where Dave will be presenting his “Train Your Brain” speech.

How does Brain Training work?

First, you need to figure out what you want to “Train Your Brain” for.  Dave has put together a brief 2 min. video on how to create a mini-vision board.  This gives your mind something that all the Train Your Brain concepts can be applied to and helps clear up what is the PRIMARY focus of your life.  As Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said, to be effective you need to focus on “First Things First”.

Once you have a clear goal written down on your mini-vision board, Dave will explain how your brain works so that you can begin to understand the underlying motivators for your actions.  It is important to know where your motivation comes from and why you sometimes do things that you know are not in your best interests.

Programming Your Mind

Once you understand your motivators, you need to have a way to influence the programs that are running in your brain.  Dave takes you through the various sources of programming and introduces the concept of “Word Power”.

Exercise 1 – Word Power

Everyone in the audience will pair up and have a brief conversation based on instructions from Dave.  This interaction will give you insights into the words you are using (possibly subconsciously or without conscious thought) and may even reveal some clues to some of your programs which are limiting your success.

Emotional Control

After covering how the mind works, some of your programming and how to change it, Dave addresses the one point that audiences everywhere have asked for… namely, “How do I control my emotions?”  Dave actually takes it further than just “control your emotions” and reveals a simple thinking process that will allow you to not just “handle” your emotions but rather to LEVERAGE your emotions to achieve your goals and enjoy the process.  This is usually one of the breakthrough points of the speech, especially for audience members who are facing especially challenging situations in their life.

Final Step … ACTION

The conclusion of Dave’s Train Your Brain speech translates all the learning into ACTION because without some form of action, nothing will change.  All the knowledge in the world won’t help if you don’t DO SOMETHING.  Even if you take action and it turns out to be the wrong action, you at least have one more possibility checked off and, with the resulting learning from failure, you can be even more effective when you do something else.


Benefits for your organization:

The Train Your Brain session is designed to develop the cognitive capabilities of audience members while helping align their motivation and emotions with their top goals.  As a corporation, it is critical to understand what your employee’s vision is for their life so that you can integrate their contribution to the success of the company with their own direction in their life.  By aligning all employees goals, both personal and professional, they will all be “pulling” in the same direction which will create an amazing amount of momentum for the organization.

Dave’s Train Your Brain motivational speech is also a great ”energy boost” for organizations who may have hit a lull in their pursuit of achievements.  Attendees have said that listening and participating in one of Dave’s sessions was like someone “turned on a lightbulb inside my head”. 

How to Hire d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler for your event…

You can contact Dave via email at dave [at] * to find out his availability.  Dave often speaks at corporations for a fee and also has a certain number of engagements per year designated for charity events or non-profits such as Toastmasters conferences.   Contact Dave for more details.

* The @ symbol has been “translated” here so that Dave does not receive lots of spam from people who grab email addresses off webpages.  If your email does not go through for some reason, feel free to leave a comment anywhere on this site and Dave will get in touch with you since he also monitors all comments.


Train Your Brain Sessions….

Train Your Brain Workshop, Saturday July 28th, 2012, 2-4pm 
at the New Fairfield Library at 2 Brush Hill Rd., New Fairfield, CT 06812.  This is a FREE event to support the New Fairfield and Greater Danbury CT community.  Space is limited so sign up now by sending an email to dave [at] .  


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