The Holiday’s Ultimate Gift !

Group Hug 1 Have you thought about what would be the Ultimate Gift this holiday season?

What costs absolutely nothing, but gives the receiver an incredible feeling of connectedness, appreciation and love?


What gift best represents the message, “It’s the thought that counts.”

What gift requires no wrapping, no assembly and no batteries?

What gift is guaranteed to fit?

What gift, when it is returned, makes the even the person who gave it feel good?

What is as good to give as it is to receive?

What is the …



ift … ?

Did you figure it out? If not, go give someone a hug and see how that feels.

I have to admit that I would not have thought of this gift (or written this blog post) prior to this year.

In 2009 a friend of mine started a “world-wide movement” and began promoting the idea that HUGS Unite us!

I’ve seen the movement grow to impact lives around the globe and I am convinced that it will have even greater impact in 2010.

I’ve also begun to recognize the power of a simple hug and what it can do for a relationship. As the Incredible Shrinking Millionaire, there may be less of me to hug in 2010… but that just means that your arms can reach further around (as one of my nieces noted) !

Hug someone this holiday season !

d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler


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2 Responses to The Holiday’s Ultimate Gift !

  1. video says:

    Thanks for the post Dave.
    This is a great way to celebrate the holidays … with a HUG.

    Great things are planned for Hugs Unite Us in 2010. Meaning more people get more hugs and the world becomes a happier place.

    Hug You! and HUGS to all.
    … Croix Sather

  2. video says:

    This inspired a brief post on my blog too. Check it out.
    … Croix Sather

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