“The Epidemic of Failure” speech

The video below is dMark “Dave” Wheeler’s 2013 contest speech titled “The Epidemic of Failure”.  Please your comments and feedback below !

What is the Epidemic of Failure?



What does Failure mean to you?

Assuming you have watched the Epidemic of Failure video, the question you might be thinking is “What failures do I have in my past that I can learn from?” or “Am I failing enough right now to make progress toward my dreams?”  Either way, an intimate understanding of what you consider failure vs. what you consider “learning experiences” will greatly affect how you frame both past and future events in your life.


Are you facing your own Epidemic of Failure?

Do you have a story about failure? Perhaps one that relates to one of the ideas presented by dMark “Dave” Wheeler?


Our favorite “epidemic of failure” quote…

Success as the ability to go from failure to failure … without losing your enthusiasm.      - Winston Churchill


Did you learn?

We must Keep Failing.  Encourage Failure in others, especially your loved ones.

Fail Often … so you are less sensitive to it and can learn from every failure.

Fail Fast… so the sting won’t last and you can bound back faster.

and Fail Small … so you can make small adjustments before the stakes get large.


Additional Reading on the Mindset of Failure…

“Fail Forward by John Maxwell”


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Day2 Resources from Tim Ferriss’ “4 Hour Life” on CreativeLIVE

Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Life Day 2

If you watched Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Life streaming video on Creative LIVE you noticed that he threw out a bunch of references to resources and recommends.  Below is a the Day 2 partial list of all the great people, websites and products that he mentioned.

If you were able to watch Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Life streaming video on Creative LIVE you would have noticed that he threw out a bunch of references to resources that he recommends.  This is a partial list of all the great people, websites and products that he mentioned.
Day 2
Noah @AppSumo.com
Injure on Reddit.com  (didn’t get all of this reference)
book: Drop Dead Healthy by A.J.Jacobs (on Amazon)
Start day with GAEBY:  Gratitude, Attitude, Exercise, Breakfast, You
Rejection Phone Numbers / HiNoah@AppSumo.com / RejectionTherapy.com
“Letters by a Stoic” by Seneca (inoculate yourself against fear, “is the condition I so feared?”)
TacoDeli.com (to Noah’s heart thru his stomach?)
Eric Reis “Vanity Metrics
Case Study:  Mola (biodegradable toothbrushes)
sethbrooklyn2@gmail.com (100 at $50 each via Paypal)
Case Study:  Corey
22 Laws of Marketing by
Y-Combinator “What are your prospective customers currently cobbling together to solve a problem?”
520or90.com ”Find out which bridge is faster or cheaper in less than 10 seconds”
Work backward from a specific number (e.g. “top app”)
Google Forms… “What’s Your Email?” “Who is your friend who scares you?  What’s their email?”
Guest: Dave Camarillo, Guerilla Jiu Jitsu
“Own Your Walk”
4 Hr. Chef “Kitchen Segment:
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Pantry Setup:
Salts – 3 types… (missed the names.  Please add them in the comments if you got them.)
Mackavoy Olive Oil
Grape seed Oil
Ghee (in place of oil)
Coconut Oil
Wellness Effects.com
Sherry Vinegar
Champagne Vinegar
Dijon Mustard (watch for sugar)
Beans, Lentils,…
Kitchen Gear Plus:
Porlex or Horio Coffee Grinder (portable)
Temp Probe
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet ($20-30)
Lettuce Knife
butcher looking knife (name?) $6-9 Amazon.com
Koon Raccoon (spelling?) peelers $8
[Slow Carb] Butterfinger Recipe…Sweet Potato (6 min. in microwave, scoop/mash), scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein, 1 tablespoon of Peanut butter, mix & eat.
Guest: Chase Jarvis
Guest: Rick Torbett
IceboxAthlete.com website “Lower Emotional Content” 3F’s – Flush Emotions, Fix it, Forget it
Guest: John Jackson, Founder, ArcheryTag.com
Conclusion by Tim:
Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as “Remember your mortality”, “Remember you must die” or “Remember you will die” [wikipedia]
Why am I putting this list out?
While I hope this list is a real value to everyone who enjoys Tim’s books and blog, I am doing this for purely self-serving reasons.  I want people to visit my website so if you find this list useful, please post a link to it on Facebook or your blog.  If you like Tim’s stuff, I am sure you will like the articles on this site too !
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The first day of Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Life on Creative Live was outstanding too (check it out here)!
Leave your comments or additions below !

Success Mindset featuring Will Smith

This video compilation contains some excellent concepts about what it takes to be successful from the mind of Will Smith.

When I see someone recommend an online video that is more than 9 minutes long, I often wonder if it will be worth my time … this one is definitely worth your time !

Enjoy … and then leave a comment below  !