Races on the Calendar…

… are closer than they appear !

I have signed up for the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving day in Manchester, CT. It is a 4.75 mile race which should be a challenge … and the fact that the first half of the course is uphill will add just that little extra flavor to the challenge!
I have been pretty good about working out. I’ve started going to the YMCA and playing basketball (one of my favorite activities) at lunchtime on Fridays. I should not have been surprised but … my vertical leap is not what it used to be ! Thank goodness I can rely on my natural height and years of skill development.
The group of people who play (mostly guys with one lady) all have great attitudes which makes the games much more enjoyable. We are all about the same level of play and no one takes it too seriously. It is quickly turning into one of the highlights of my week.
Whose Your Cookie Monster?
I’ve felt like the “Cookie Monster” recently. Every time I turn around, I’m scarfing down something that is not healthy. Pizza is probably the biggest culprit (although I’ve kept the portions down to a “small” one which is probably helping). Other obstacles include fast food (due to a busy or poorly planned schedule) or sweets (leftovers from Halloween).
I will begin to focus more on keeping my refridgerator stocked with good, healthy vegetables since I know that when I don’t, I resort to other options which are not as good for me.
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