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The Climb by Miley CyrusHave you ever been asked, “What color is the sky in your world?”

A fellow Toastmaster tweated her recommendation of the video “The Climb” and it got me thinking about what “the world of Miley Cyrus” (or other similar celebrity) is like… and how it compares to the rest of us.
First off, I don’t think I’m “spilling the beans” to say that Miley Cyrus is young, talented and has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. She probably has more money than she could ever spend … assuming she learns to manage her finances responsibly and avoids the pitfalls of fame… drugs, alcohol and other “distractions”.
Her future could be spectacular and, at least from the personality portrayed publicly, she seems to have a happy, positive attitude which makes her fun to be around. It would seem that this starts to describe “her world” (or at least what the public can see of her world).
What is your world like?
Do people like to be around you? Do you have an attitude that people like to associate with?
Is someone’s world a result of their actions or strictly luck? I’m sure many people would say that Miley was lucky to have Billy Ray Cyrus (singer/actor) as a father and he opened many doors for her. On the other hand, if she could not sing or had a lousy attitude I’m sure she would not be the star she is today.
As My World Turns…
This got me thinking about “my world” and how I am influencing the outcomes that I want. For instance, do I make a special effort to be the type of person that others want to be around? I think so … although I also feel that it is important to challenge people sometimes so that they have an opportunity to grow. As long as they feel supported (also another area that I am working on) then they will eventually be amazed by what they can accomplish.
What about Physical Qualities?
It isn’t talked about alot but I think we all know that physical attractiveness affects how people perceive and react to you. If Miley Cyrus was as big as the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” TV show, would she be as popular? It is a shame but I don’t think so.
I have been working out regularly since the start of this blog (Aug.09) and have been making slow progress to “shrink” my weight (hence the name of the blog). I have also been paying attention to my hair (what’s left) and keeping it trimmed more often. I’ve also updated my wardrobe (slightly) so that the clothes I have are at least “clean and fit well”. I’m no “James Bond” (yet) but I am making progress. (Next… shoes!)
What about the intangibles?
While physical appearance matters (and can be influenced substantially), attitude and communication skills matter even more… remember John Belushi? He was not known for his physical beauty or grooming habits but he was amazingly funny. Miley Cyrus has a similar quality in that she seems to “light up the room” when she is “on screen”.
What kind of impression do you make when you enter a room?
Is your default expression a smile? Ask your friends or check yourself out in a mirror. There is a simple trick that I learned years ago when I was in telephone sales (don’t ask) and it is to have a mirror available when you dial your telephone. The mirror allows you to check to make sure you are smiling when you dial and that smile will come across in the tone of your voice when the other person answers your call. Talk about a great way to practice your “first impression” power!
Are you using your “First Impression Power” to shape your world?
Take back your power and shape your world so that people will ask you….
What color is the sky in your world?
Make it whatever you want !
Good Luck on your Climb !
d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler
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