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Download your PDF copy of the mini-Vision Board for the Train Your Brain workshop.

 Vision Board for Train Your Brain with Dave Wheeler

Train Your Brain … for What?

If you are coming to the upcoming Train Your Brain workshop, you might be wondering, “What am I going to ‘Train My Brain’ for when I get there?” That is a great question and it deserves some attention prior to the Train Your Brain session.

dMark “Dave” Wheeler has developed the intro video (above) along with the downloadable mini-Vision Board in PDF format. It is sort of like a “Bumper Sticker” for your brain.

Have you ever wondered what kind of vision someone has for their life when they live it based on a bumper sticker that says “Shit Happens”?


Why everyone should have their own mini-Vision Board

You deserve a better bumper sticker for three reasons.  First, you deserve a life that is even better than it is today.  If you are settling for less than you are capable of… why?  Did you realize that it takes the same amount of effort (carefully applied) to live an amazing life as it does to live a life of “quiet desperation”?

Second, it is so much more fun to define your vision and then see it develop before your eyes.  You can impact the lives of others.  The degree that you impact them will depend on the vision you have for your life and how well you Train Your Brain to make it a reality.

Finally,  you need a bumper sticker [clearly articulated vision] for your life because if you don’t decide what you want for your life, there is absolutely no shortage of people who will try to impose their vision upon you.  You are either leading your life or you are following someone else’s plan for you.  As they say, “if you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes”.  Lead your life !


How do I create a One-word Vision Board?

It is really very simple.  Just write down the top 3 things that you want to accomplish in your life.  If that is too big to wrap your head around, how about what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?  The upcoming month?  Don’t worry whether you get it exactly perfect because you can always come back and create a new vision.  As a matter of fact, if you do it right, you will accomplish your goals & visions and need to find even better ones to pursue.  Just write down 3 goals. 

Got your top 3 goals?  Good.  Now, 3 goals is almost as good as having NO GOALS.  Why?  Because you won’t have the focus that is required to finish whichever one is your top priority.  That means that you should now choose which of your top 3 goals is your NUMBER ONE !

Take that Number One thing and write it on the mini-VisionBoard that you downloaded from this page.  For it to be really effective, it should be as simple as possible… ideally, a single word that represents the vision for you.  If you try to write a novel on the mini vision board, you will inevitably not be able to see it very well when you post it in a conspicuous place.   The key is to put it somewhere that you will see it multiple times during the day so that it can begin to “activate your subconscious”.  This means that your vision will “move up the list” of important things to keep track of in your subconscious mind and when it sees an opportunity to move you closer to your Vision, your subconscious mind will bring that opportunity to the attention of your conscious mind. 

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? 

It almost is magic … but you will learn loads more about your mind and how it works when you come to the Train Your Brain workshop !

See you there !

Please leave your comments and questions below.  It would be great to hear what you are thinking !


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