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Guided Results Meditation tmFor most people, meditation doesn’t really have a purpose beyond simple relaxation.  It is something that might be “nice” and the closest it comes to actually helping you achieve more in your life is by allowing you to take your mind off your troubles for a little while.  Guided Results Meditation™ or GRM™ is different because we focus on results.

What is Guided Results Meditation™?

GRM™ picks up where regular, unstructured or semi-structured meditation leaves off.  It helps you gain a higher level of control over the thoughts that race through your brain and the emotions that may be driving them. Even if you have never meditated, the good news is that effective results-oriented meditation is a skill that you can develop.  A skill that few people learn, probably because there are very few people teaching it in a way that makes it easy to understand.  With GRM, you will see how your meditation helps you create a better life.

How is GRM™ different / better …?

Let’s be clear about what we are saying.  GRM™ is more of a “training program for your brain” than the “New Age”, “burn candles and chant strange sounds” kind of experience that is sometimes associated with meditation.

Don’t get us wrong.  If you like those types of experiences, more power to you but these GRM programs are about helping you train your brain to get better RESULTS.  Sure, you will be more relaxed like traditional meditations… and that will help you get some level of results, but GRM doesn’t stop there.

In the near future, we will be launching a series of different GRM programs (including meditation audio files, workbooks and much more).  These programs will help you “Tame your emotions through mediation” and “Solve Problems in your Sleep” to name just a couple.  Be sure you sign up for our GRM email list (see below) so we can tell you when these are released.


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Guided Results Meditation™ programs:


GRM™ for Sleep / Relaxation

This Guided Results Mediation™ audio file is the simplest and easiest guided meditation to use successfully since we all have experience falling asleep.  Even if you are currently experiencing difficulty falling asleep, you have certainly fallen asleep at some point in your life so it is definitely possible… you just might need some help. GRM-Sleep/Relax™ is a great introduction to guided meditation and if you would like a copy of the audio file for free, just sign up for our GRM™ email list (see below).

This is the list that gets notified whenever we launch a new guided meditation program.  Once you are signed up, you will also get additional information & discounts … assuming you continue to be a subscriber to our list.  We are sure you will, but please know that you can unsubscribe at any time.  You can even sign up to get the free MP3 audio file and unsubscribe right after, but then you would miss out on the other bonuses and great stuff that we send to our GRM™ list.

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Other GRM™ Programs

When you sign up for our Guided Results Meditation™ email list, you will also be the first to hear when new programs are released.  Below are some of the programs we are working on.  If there is one you would especially like us to focus on, please a comment at the bottom of this page!

  • GRM™-Sleep Solution – Solving Problems in your Sleep (click here to purchase)
  • GRM™- “Feel The Love” waking GRM meditation
  • GRM™-Ideal Health / Weight – Train Your Mind to improve health & food habits
  • GRM™-Running Meditation – Train Your Brain while you Train Your Body
  • GRM™-Zen Garden Meditation – Full Body Active Meditation … with Sand
  • GRM™-Key Visualization Tools
  • GRM™-Stop Smoking
  • GRM™-Think Wealth
  • GRM™-Mind Power for Athletes
  • GRM™-Advanced Strategic Visualization
  • Individually Customized GRM™ audio file Development



Another way to
bring Guided Results Meditation™
to your organization . . .


Keynote Speaker & Mindset Expert:
dMark “Dave” Wheeler

If you would like to bring Guided Results Meditation to your company or organization, dMark Wheeler is available for customized keynote speeches as well as group or leadership coaching.  Contact Dave via email dave [at]


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