Creativity all around us…

Did you realize that there are opportunities to boost your creativity all around you?

One aspect of creativity is the ability to see things in a different way and because we often get into a rut where we simply do things the same way over and over again without thinking about them, it is important to break your pattern.

Take your living space for example. Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed? What would it feel like to wake up on the other side of the bed some morning? (Assuming someone is not already there … although that might be interesting too!)

I noticed this phenomenon when I used one of my guest bathrooms today. I rarely, if ever go in there, but it gave me bit of a shift of perspective and helped me generate this blog post.

I know what you are thinking … Shift Happens ! (or were you thinking that this post should be flushed?)

Seriously though… when was the last time you opened your eyes to the new experiences all around you? Take a new route to work … or come home “the long way”. Whatever it is, it will help rejuvenate you and… in the end… it will boost your creative energy !

Give it a try !

d.Mark Wheeler

“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost quotes (American poet, 18741963)

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