How To “5Star Goal Setting & Getting”

5 star Goal Setting and GettingI wrote an article recently about “5 Star Goal Setting & Getting” as a guest blogger over on (check it out) but I reserved the ideas that follow for my own readers.  Take a look at the ideas below and leave a comment to tell me if you think they will take your goal setting (and getting) to a whole new level !

1) Start small when Goal Setting.

It is more important to develop the habit of goal setting and getting than it is to go for the biggest goal you can imagine.  Certainly there is some excitement when you “reach for the brass ring” but setting and achieving goals will give you the confidence to actually tackle your larger goals.

In addition, smaller goals can lead to bigger goals.  You might find that once you meet a certain goal that the larger goal no longer excites you and you can make adjustments along the way.

2) Grow your goals.

Build on your successes and learn from your failures.  As you strive to expand your goals, the skills you learn on smaller goals will help you on the way to bigger and bigger goals.

3) Celebrate and enjoy your success.

Goal setting adds a clear cut sense of a black and white to what is usually a long road of gray.  Life is a journey and we often forget to celebrate our accomplishments when we are caught up in the process and focused on the goal on the horizon.

Finally, rely on motivation, not self-discipline.

A good goal is exciting when you set it.  You can envision it happening and it fills you with anticipation of its completion.  The problem is most people do not hold themselves to that standard of motivation and they set goals that do not get them excited.

Think about it …

If your goal does not motivate you now, how likely is it that your motivation is going to carry you all the way to completion?  Self-discipline is a wonderful thing, but it is a limited resource and if you start using it up right from the start, there won’t be enough “gas in the tank” to get you to your destination.  Save your self-discipline for the times along the way when you encounter stumbling blocks or obstacles and have to put in an extra effort.

Set your first goal … and go for it !

Goal Setting Bonus !

As an added bonus, I’ve created a downloadable free pdf 5 Star-GoalSetting-handout that I use for my 5Star Goal Setting & Getting workshops.  (Right-click highlighted text in the previous sentence and select “Save As” to download the pdf worksheet to your computer).  If you want to learn more about what each star represents, be sure to read my guest blogger article over at


The Power of Y

I recently got an eNewsletter from Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, where he said the following…

What’s the fastest way from good to great? Who is more important, the student or the teacher?

When fellow speakers gave me feedback on my contest speech, they all told me to “get up from your fall quicker.” Had I listened to that advice, I would never have won the World Championship. My mentor and coach, Mark Brown said, “When you fall, stay down longer.” He gave me the exact
opposite advice of everyone else. He was a crucial part of my journey.

The wrong advice will make your journey from good to great longer. (Good news: You can still get there!). The right mentors will save you time and effort.

Darren’s comments on which advice to listen to got me thinking… what if you don’t know which advice is good and which is bad? In Darren’s example, Mark Brown had already won a World Championship of Public Speaking, so it was easy to give his advice more credence.

What about advice from unknown sources?
I would suggest using the ” Power of Y “… which is another way of saying, “Whenever you get advice, ask them why they think it would help.” This little bit of added information will help you decide 1) if the advice is right for you and 2) compare it to you own experience to see if it makes sense.

What Darren left out is the fact that I’m sure Mark Brown had a good reason for suggesting he “stay down longer” in his International Speech. If I had to guess the reason why was probably to create additional tension in the audience… which could be released for great effect later in the speech … or simply because it was different from the other competitors and would make Darren stand out. Maybe it was something completely different … I’m not a World Champion of Public Speaking … yet.

Like any good 2-3 year old child knows, you have to ask “Why?” if you want to learn !

d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler

“If you have a big enough Why, you can figure out the How”