“The Epidemic of Failure” speech

The video below is dMark “Dave” Wheeler’s 2013 contest speech titled “The Epidemic of Failure”.  Please your comments and feedback below !

What is the Epidemic of Failure?



What does Failure mean to you?

Assuming you have watched the Epidemic of Failure video, the question you might be thinking is “What failures do I have in my past that I can learn from?” or “Am I failing enough right now to make progress toward my dreams?”  Either way, an intimate understanding of what you consider failure vs. what you consider “learning experiences” will greatly affect how you frame both past and future events in your life.


Are you facing your own Epidemic of Failure?

Do you have a story about failure? Perhaps one that relates to one of the ideas presented by dMark “Dave” Wheeler?


Our favorite “epidemic of failure” quote…

Success as the ability to go from failure to failure … without losing your enthusiasm.      - Winston Churchill


Did you learn?

We must Keep Failing.  Encourage Failure in others, especially your loved ones.

Fail Often … so you are less sensitive to it and can learn from every failure.

Fail Fast… so the sting won’t last and you can bound back faster.

and Fail Small … so you can make small adjustments before the stakes get large.


Additional Reading on the Mindset of Failure…

“Fail Forward by John Maxwell”


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Hire the RIGHT Motivational And Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Who is the RIGHT Motivational & Inspiration Keynote Speaker … for you?

It is becoming increasingly important to hire the services of motivational and inspirational keynote speakers for business workshops, educational seminars and corporate retreats. Why?  Because we are often overwhelmed with responsibilities and it is very easy for people to lose interest in things; even their jobs. Thus, when men (or women) have been doing the same thing for a long time and may have lost their “zeal”, they will need to be challenged and encouraged by someone from outside the organization.


This is the major reason why businesses of all sizes need to go out of their way to organize programs for empowering their workers. An efficient keynote speaker knows how to fire the zeal and determination in the workers so that they can feel a sense of participation. This is because he makes them realize that they have the potential to achieve greatness.

A Wizard with Words

One of the tools in trade of inspirational speakers is that they are master of words. They are experts in using words to appeal to the intellectual and emotional reasoning of their listeners. In addition, they know how to use engaging words, personal stories and other real life stories to connect to their listeners. This enables them to break down all the emotional barriers that may be in the heart of the listeners.

Nevertheless, it is important that you know that employing effective keynote speakers should not be an impulsive decision. You must make it a point to consider some important aspects of potential speakers before you make the decision to hire anybody. For instance, it is very important that you consider the reputation of any speaker before you hire him or her.

Reputation & Accountability

You need to start by understanding the fact that you cannot afford to hire someone who will disappoint you by not showing up for the event. If you make the mistake of hiring some that would stand you and your attendees up, the consequences can be bad. In fact, you need no prophet to tell you that your attendees will leave the venue more uninspired than they were when they arrived at the center.

Style & Point of View

In addition, before you hire any speaker, you may also want to consider his presentation methods in for you to make an informed decision. For instance, some speakers know how to appeal to people to do the right thing while others know how to challenge them into doing the right thing. You may also want to reach a decision concerning the use of audio-visual stimulus.

Meet Your Target

You will also need to think about the outcome that you want to get from the whole presentation. If you want your workers to put more efforts into their production you will need different speakers than if you want them to bring new and innovative ideas to the company. The point is that you should considedMark-Wheeler-Keynote-Speakerr the outcome when hiring a speaker.

Bottom Line

Interestingly, if you are able to get your hiring decision right and you hire the right speaker for your audience, you can be sure that the attendees stands a good chance of gaining more knowledge. In essence, hiring a motivational and inspirational speaker can go a long way in helping you to record success in your business.


Success Mindset featuring Will Smith

This video compilation contains some excellent concepts about what it takes to be successful from the mind of Will Smith.

When I see someone recommend an online video that is more than 9 minutes long, I often wonder if it will be worth my time … this one is definitely worth your time !

Enjoy … and then leave a comment below  !