2012 = The Year You Make It Happen !

2012 Make It HappenI have designed a notecard (graphic used is shown to the right) to help inspire my friends and professional associates to achieve greatness in 2012.  

I know you have it in you … you just need to “Make It Happen”.  

I am in the process of uploading a PDF version of the card to this webpage so you can print them out and give them to your friends as well.  (Check back often or subscribe to this blog for updates.)

You might be interested to know ….
There were more than a few Transderivational Wording concepts that went into the title of this card.   [FYI – TW concepts are covered in my Mindset Advantage Program.]

What do I mean?
Transderivation is the process where our mind converts words we read or hear into concepts / memories / programming in our mind.  This is both a conscious and subconscious process and it is one of the ways that our minds were programmed through our whole life.  

Let me explain how it applies to this card by showing you some of the alternative titles I considered . . .

1) “The Year I Make It Happen”… when we read something, we take in the words in at least two ways, as the first person saying the words and as if someone else was saying the words to us (second person).  While this phrase would be inspirational for the reader in first person since they would be telling themselves that they will make it happen, the second person perspective takes the “locus of control” outside of the reader and puts it in the hands of the original author.  This second person perspective disempowers the reader since they are not involved in “making it happen”.  The choice of whether first or second person is appropriate for a particular sentence is all handled subconsciously but both meanings receive consideration in the brain, even after a “decision” on the meaning has been given to the conscious mind.

2) “The Year We Make It Happen” … the use of “We” gives the impression of teamwork (a positive) but can be limited if the reader does not feel that their contribution to the team’s success will have an impact on the final results.  The other problem with this phrasing is that it also reduces the readers responsibility for creating results for themselves.  It is too general and subconsciously it lets the reader “off the hook” to make it happen in their life in 2012.

3) “Make IT Happen” … The use of the word “it” is purposely vague.  “It” can be anything, which gives the reader the opportunity to insert their own goal into the meaning as they read the phrase.  “It” is also singular, which is important, since it indicates that a Focus and Clarity of Purpose is needed.

There are other meanings built into the card … but I will leave them to you to discover now that you have been introduced to the concept of Transderivational Wording (TW).

Suffice it to say that all of the meanings indicate that 2012 will be a fantastic year !

To all your success !

d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler

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